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You can get a free online quote (no credit card required) here. If we have availability, you can even schedule your entire cleaning right then and there.

About half of our clients aren't home while we clean. Make sure you include accurate instructions for gaining entry to the home when scheduling online or over the phone, as lock-out fees will be incurred if we cannot gain entry.

No. We bring everything necessary to complete a typical home cleaning, including a professional-grade vacuum and swiffers for your floors. If you'd like us to use a specific product on certain surfaces, you may request it and let us know where the product will be so our cleaners can find it.

We love pets. Our cleaners work around them all the time and we never have any issues. The loud noise of the vacuum does occasionally cause a scare and in cases like that we're always happy to accommodate special arrangements.

Tips are always appreciated, but your cleaning service will always be great no matter what. Please keep in mind that the only way to tip is with cash directly to your cleaner; we cannot accept tips online.

We are bonded and insured. Additionally, our employees are thoroughly vetted and background checked in not only Texas and Georgia, but on a national level. The security of your home and items are one of our absolute top priorities. We do not cut corners.

We know inviting someone into your home is a kind of a big deal. All our cleaners are carefully vetted and go through an intensive rigorous process by us so we choose the right person to care of your home. Our mission is to make your life that much easier starting from booking a cleaning all the way up to the end of the service. Every one of our cleaners use a professional house cleaning checklist to make sure they deliver the same professional results each & every time. We do take your feedback very seriously and every maid can be reviewed & rated at the end of each clean. This allows us to make sure we’re only sending out the most highly qualified & loved cleaners. If you’re still not convinced why you should hire a maid service, be sure to check out our post on the key benefits of understanding your cleaning tasks.

We accept most major credit cards and debit cards: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover. Unfortunately, we no longer accept cash or check. We also accept Zelle & Venmo.

Not a thing! Even if you've never used a cleaning service before, if you have ever ordered a pizza online or used Uber, you'll be right at home. Booking online takes less than a minute, for example. Your cleaner will handle everything. It's not uncommon for new clients to be blown away by how easy it is to use, and how awesome the value is. Having your home professionally cleaned is not only one of best feelings you can get for a hundred bucks, but is also one of the best ways to free up more time to spend doing the things you love. We're incredibly proud to provide such great benefits to so many awesome people.

You can do either over the phone, email, or through your account on our website.

Yes. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment you will incur a $60 fee or forfeit 50% of your booking deposit which ever is greater. This fee goes to our cleaner and staff, as we would have had a job to fill that slot otherwise (we are always booked out).

They are. We treat them the same as bedrooms (when estimating time necessary) so please add an additional bedroom for each of these when scheduling online or over the phone (e.g. 2 offices, 1 den, 1 bedroom = 4 bedrooms).

Our estimates typically allow for plenty of time to complete a cleaning. That said, you know your home best and if you're convinced our estimates are not correct, we encourage you to add more time on manually with a brief explanation in the instructions. Alternatively, you can always simply schedule a second cleaning if the first turns out to not be enough.

If our initial estimates are off and we're able to clean your home faster than expected, we will provide a partial refund for the time not needed and our cleaners will add a note to your account ensuring subsequent cleanings do not go over what's necessary.

Of course! If you'd like us to clean something a certain way, or focus on a specific part of the home, or anything else, just let us know in the instructions box when scheduling online. Please make sure to add an additional hour for anything you believe will take 20 minutes or more to complete, to make sure we have the proper time to do it right.

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