Move Out Cleanings (Details)

A move out can be both fun and a stressful experience. There are a many things to consider when making the decision to relocate to a new home & sometimes things don’t just go as planned. One of the first things you may encounter is that your landlord may require you to have the home cleaned after yourself to get your deposit back. Of course you can always do it yourself. Depending on the severity, it may take hours and sometimes days to cleanup to make sure it can pass inspection. This is where hiring a professional cleaning company that is equipped with the right tools & cleaning chemicals to do the job comes in. While a house cleaning company is taking care of your cleaning, you can focus on the actual moving process whether you’re a property manager, tenant, home owner, realtor or a land lord. Investing a little bit of money upfront will buy you that peace of mind knowing that your home will be taken care of by a professional certified cleaning company that has probably done this thousands of time for others.

Move Out Details


● Spot clean doors
● Entry area
● Sweep balcony
● Light Switches
● Door Handles
● Baseboards
● Dusting
● Window sills
● Trash Can
● Remove cobwebs
● Floors


● Floors
● Sink
● Stainless Steel
● Microwave
● Recycling & Compost Bin
● Counter Tops
● Stove Tops
● Dishwasher Exterior
● Oven Exterior and interior
● Fridge Exterior and interior


● Cabinets Exterior and interior
● Mirrors
● Bathtub
● Grout
● Shower Doors
● Hair Removal
● Floors
● Toilet
● Sink
● Faucets

Studio $99 (2hrs)
One Bedroom $130 (2.5hrs)
Two Bedroom $150 (3hrs)
Three Bedroom $190 (3.5hrs)
Four Bedroom $220 (4hrs)
Five Bedroom $249 (5hrs)
Six Bedrooms $299 (6hrs)
Hourly Service $60/hr (2hrs min)

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